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Towels and tablecloths




Our factory offers the following types of embroidered towels:

  • Embroidered towels

  • Towels with a chain-stitch embroidery

  • Wedding towels

Towels with embroidery Towels with embroidery

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Ukrainian towels from the factory of theatrical rekvizit embroidered Ukrainian-skilled workers embroideresses. Towels embroidered on cotton and linen.

Ukrainian towel

Embroidered towel always present at all family gatherings and even at the level of presidential receptions as a symbol of hospitality employers. At weddings embroidered towel young hands are tied, as a symbol of the strength of the new union.


Wedding towel lay under the feet of the couple as a symbol of the birth of a new family. Towel with bread and salt brings a young family on the threshold of their homes for the welfare and happiness in the home.

Wedding towel

An embroidered towel wrapped infants after baptism in the church font.
Embroidered hand towels offered by our factory should be in every Ukrainian family.

We offer a wide range of colors and ornamental schemes.

All towels and tablecloths are made from natural linen and decorated with individual patterns. Embroidery done by special car. Every towel made to order and is exclusive.

There is a ready-made products, but can also produce according to your drawings




Since time immemorial, tablecloths decorate the table, a sign of hospitality and interior design elements.


Nowadays not find homes in which there would be no tablecloths. Just one cloth can give any food intake joyful holiday spirit.

Our factory offers beautiful tablecloths different shapes, sizes, allowances, with different fabrics and colors.

Tablecloth will you can decorate with braid, fringe or edging.


Using a professional textile products is not just a matter of prestige restaurant or hotel, and, above all, the question of longevity and ease of use all items of linen and hotel textiles.


You ask where to buy a towels? where to buy tablecloths?

Welcome to the Factory of theatrical rekvizit



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