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Corporate clothing


Corporate clothing is part of the image of a successful company.

Image is a comprehensive presentation of the image, which remains in the minds of men, in their memory. The image associated with human exterior and its content.

Identity organization can be viewed as a set of elements of color, graphics, design, psychological stereotypes, which achieves an idea of the internal and external unity of the organization.


Our artists, designers will help you choose from several exactly your individual design and style. Upon request, the logo can be added to clothes to give staff your company unforgettable unique style. We will be happy to develop a unique design garments, using all the creativity, knowledge and expertise of our designers. Here you will find the optimal solution quality, practicality and price friendly clothing.

Sewing corporate clothing, sewing uniforms, sewing clothes - this is our specialty.



We offer several types of corporate clothing:

  • uniform for supermarkets, shopping centers

  • uniform for medical institutions (medical clothing)

  • uniform for cafes, bars, restaurants

  • uniform for employees of banks

  • uniform for promotions

  • uniform auto stations, service stations, etc.

Costume "Energetic" for Power Engineer

Costume Energetic Overalls Energetic


You ask where to buy clothing?

Welcome to the Factory of theatrical rekvizit


People using a professional clothing, they want it to be both comfortable and attractive. It is equally important to feel and look great in a dress.


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