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Clothes stage


We are tailoring scene more than 35 years, our factory produced more than 1000 sets of clothing scene.

With its unique production technology, qualified personnel, our company is the largest manufacturer of this product mix is not only in our region, but in the whole country.

Depending on the characteristics of the stage and in accordance with the aesthetic design of the hall, we offer a variety types of clothing design stage: as classic and decorative, embroidered, painted. Clothes scene (textile design stage) sewn from various tissues of a wide color gamut.


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Qualified Wizard creates the following types of clothing scene for theaters, cinemas, concert halls and palaces of culture:

  • antraktno - lifting theater curtains

  • harlequins

  • backstage

  • padugi

  • drapery

  • marquise

  • pelmets

  • theater curtains

  • french curtains

  • blackout curtains

  • backdrops (painted with backlight)

We offer a wide selection of fabrics and colors, a variety of finish (brush, fringe, appliques, embroidery, painting, lighting effects), different ways of suspension (tie, Eyelets), short term, high quality.

Tailoring scene depends on several factors. This is a list of items of clothes scene, scene size clothing, machinery manufacturing and material.




Structural layout of components of clothes in the space of the stage floor


Structural layout of components of clothes in the space of the stage floor



1 Main Curtain creates an emotional mood audience before the performance, and that is the main curtain completes the presentation visuals. Usually it is - visually richest drapery on the stage, and is made of fabrics appropriate decoration of the hall.


2 Harlequin - a short, horizontal curtain, located in front of the main curtain. Similar Curtains Padugi located in the space of the stage, cloaked lighting, located in the soffit.


3 Poplanovye curtains and backstage provide a structured space that enhances the sonic atmosphere of the scene, are elements of scenery, is a field for stage lighting.

The wings - are located on either side of the stage (from the portal to the backdrop on the rising vertically from the plate to grate) narrow plane.


4 Backdrop - is the background of a performance and is behind other decorations.

Specialists F.T.R. provide all necessary advice and assistance in selecting fabrics and colors, will make the calculation rules fabrics, sizes shtanketov, mechanisms will carry out fire impregnation and provide the necessary certificates. Our staff can come back to you on the spot to discuss all the problems.


You ask where to sew clothes stage?

Welcome to the Factory of theatrical rekvizit


You can contact us on any matters related to the design and equipping of the theater, philharmonic, concert hall, nightclub, a sports complex, school, etc.


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